How to unlock farming in My Time at Sandrock

Farm in the desert.

Not only will you spend your time in My Time at Sandrock as the town’s resident builder, but you can begin laying down roots and begin farming. The desert is not an accessible location to begin farming, and you won’t be able to do this activity immediately. You can only do it after you have some experience under your belt. In this guide, we cover how to unlock Farming in My Time at Sandrock.

How to unlock Farming

The only way to unlock Farming is by completing the main story quest, Moisture Farm Blues, which will have you working alongside the Civil Corps and Zeke, the sole worker of Sandrock’s Moisture Farm. Shortly after learning about Zeke, you need to visit him at his farm, and he’ll be under attack by Geeglers. These lizards destroy his Hydrogel, and it’ll be up to you to fix the critical part so Sandrock can eat.

You’ll need to work with Qi to learn how to make a replacement Hydrogel, which has you venturing into The Breach. Justice will grant you access to this location, and you can find the diagram and supplies you’re looking for in this location. After Qi gives you a replacement blueprint, the final thing you need to do is make it and give it to Zeke. To make the Hydrogel, you need to create three pieces: the Condenser, Hydrogel Door, and the Hydrogel Core. You’ll have already made the Condenser, meaning you need to focus on crafting the other two items.

Here’s the breakdown of all the items you need for each piece.

  • Hydrogel Door
    • Eight Copper Plates
    • Six Rubber Tubes
    • Four Bronze Pipes
  • Hydrogel Core
    • Five Rubber Shells
    • 10 Copper Bars
    • Two Engines
    • Two Bronze Blades
    • Four Copper Pipes

Many of these items require you to harvest copper ore and tin ore to create copper and bronze bars and then use your Processor to make refined items. The Engines are something you’ll need to dive into the Salvage Yard mining site to find in the Old World ruins.

Once you have the two items completed, take them back to Zeke’s farm, and you can install them, wrapping up the mission. Following its end, Zeke promises to teach you what he knows about farming, unlocking it as an activity for you to do at your Workshop.