How to unlock Fast Travel in Gotham Knights

The bat takes flight.

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Fast travel is a staple in any open-world game, but Gotham Knights has a unique take on this tried-and-true gameplay mechanic. Each of the four heroes in Gotham Knights can use their grappling hook to traverse the streets of Gotham and their custom motorcycle. Each hero can unlock a Heroic Travel ability, but this won’t move you around the map as fast as you may need. This guide will explain how to Fast Travel in Gotham Knights.

Steps to unlock Fast Travel in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights will give you ample time to explore its open world with your grappling hook and vehicle before any Fast Travel system is mentioned. You can easily unlock your Heroic Travel ability and use that to get around the streets of Gotham, but it still won’t instantly move you around the map fast enough. You can unlock the Fast Travel system after you complete the “2.1 AKA Oswald Cobblepot” campaign mission.

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After the mission, you must return to the Belfry to speak with Alfred. He will tell you to meet up with some friends of Batman, including Lucius Fox. When you leave the Belfry, you will have a mission to meet him on a rooftop. After the cutscene is over, Fast Travel will be available to you, but you will have to build out a network of possible locations to warp to.

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How Fast Travel works in Gotham Knights

You must scan GCPD drones flying around possible landing zones to unlock more Fast Travel locations. The mini-map will have drone locations you can discover across each district. You must head to an area, then scan it using the AR Scanner to hack the drone. Each Fast Travel site has a different number of drones you must successfully hack to unlock the location.

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To scan the drones, you have to stay close to their vicinity. If the drone is shielded, you must follow them until they dock and recharge. At this point, their shields will drop, and you can scan them. To Fast Travel, access your map and activate the Fast Travel location you want to fly to. The bird will pick you up and transport you to a rooftop.

Take advantage of the Fast Travel system to quickly cover a lot of ground. Crimes and secrets are scattered across Gotham, so navigating across large distances will be crucial to the progression of Gotham Knights.