How to unlock Hardcore Mode in Solar Ash

Ready to shift into high gear?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Solar Ash is a very fast game, but you can ratchet up the speed even more if you play on Hardcore Mode. The problem is, it’s not available from the start. While that’s probably for the best, as you’ll need to master the game’s mechanics to even have a shot at winning on the highest difficulty, you’re still going to want to know how to unlock it.

The answer is actually pretty simple: beat the game. This can be done on any of the initial three difficulty levels, each of which have varying degrees of challenge that revolve around the timer for boss fights and black ooze challenges. Any percentage completion counts, whether you’re going for a speedrun or all collectibles. Once those credits roll, Hardcore Mode will be available to you. You might even have a special 100% completion reward waiting for you too.

If you need help beating the game, we’ve got you covered. We can teach you how to clear anomalies and how to upgrade your health. If you did manage to reach that 100% goal, then you’re going to want to know how to change suits too. Finally, you may need tips on playing Hardcore Mode itself. Get some pointers from our tips list right here.