How to change suits in Solar Ash

Fashion or function?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Solar Ash is a fast-paced game, and the suit you wear while playing can have a big effect on your performance. Protagonist Rei starts off with a broken one, but each new suit you unlock after that includes unique perks. Verse’s Suit, for example, shortens the cooldown on your boosters once you find all the Voidrunner caches in Ironroot Basin and unlock it.

Upon unlocking a suit, you’ll have the option to equip it immediately, but what if you don’t want to just yet? How do you change suits later? Fear not, simply visit Cyd, and she’ll give you the option to change into any suit you’ve unlocked — you could even downgrade to Rei’s original broken suit if you’re looking to play with an extra challenge. Visiting Cyd is also how you’ll upgrade your health, so the AI companion really comes in handy during the game.

Swapping suits can be helpful depending on the task at hand. Need to earn more plasma? Put on Erving’s Suit to double your intake — you’ll get that once you find every Voidrunner cache in the Broken Capital. The aforementioned suit that once belonged to Verse is super handy during boss fights, as you’ll need to repeatedly boost to beat the Forgotten Thresher, Lost Sentry, and others.