How to Unlock Jack Skellington in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It’s finally time for the Pumpking to join the Valley. But first, we have to find Jack in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Unlock Jack Disney Dreamlight Valley

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Everyone’s favorite holiday Disney character is in Disney Dreamlight Valley. DDV’s full release brings Nightmare Before Christmas to your Valley with Jack Skellington, but finding him won’t be easy.

Jack Skellington has been advertised as Disney Dreamlight Valley’s next free update character for the past month. We even got to dress up in some Tim Burton-inspired outfits last Halloween, which got me super excited to meet the man from the film himself. Imagine my surprise when I logged into DDV and ran to the Castle only to find Jack didn’t have his own door. I couldn’t find an entrance to an unlockable biome either. During this moment of sheer desperation, I spot a tiny, Matryoshka-like doll lying on the ground. This triggered a mysterious quest involving pumpkins, which can only mean the Pumpkin King himself must be the one behind it.

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Where to Find all of Jack Skellington’s Matryoshka Dolls in DDV

Find Jack's Dolls Disney Dreamlight Valley
Screenshot by Gamepur

To unlock Jack Skellington in DDV, find four Matryoshka Dolls scattered around the Valley and offer them to the Pumpkin Tree in the Forgotten Lands. This will trigger a cutscene in which Jack joins the Valley.

Note: The Four Matryoshka Dolls do not have fixed spawn locations. They may appear in different places for each player.

The first step is to find at least one of Jack’s dolls. The Matryoshka Dolls don’t have a fixed spawning location, making them especially hard to locate. This task becomes even more daunting if you have an untidy valley like me. Matryoshka Dolls can spawn in any map biome and even hide in the darkest corners. I found mine in the following places: two in the Sunlit Plateau, one in the Plaza, and one in the Glade of Trust.

If you can, switch the time of your game so it’s as bright and sunny as possible. Jack’s dolls will spawn anywhere regardless of where you’ve placed furniture. For instance, one of mine spawned right next to a candy tree, which made it really hard to spot.

Once you’ve got at least one Matryoshka Doll, the quest Something Comes A’Knocking will trigger, and the Pumpkin Tree will spawn in the Forgotten Lands. This tree is much taller and has a completely different shape than the rest of the trees in the Forgotten Lands. To unlock Jack, four Matryoshka Dolls must be delivered. You don’t need to place them all simultaneously, but the Pumpkin King won’t set afoot on the Valley until you find all four.

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Once Jack Skellington is unlocked, he’ll automatically join the Valley, and you can start working on his Disney Dreamlight Valley friendship quests to become best buddies and cosplay as Santa Clauses together.