How to unlock Mega Houndoom in Pokémon Go for the Mega Battle Challenge

Everyone needs to work together.

Image via Niantic

Those who want to unlock the next Mega Pokémon, Mega Houndoom, in Pokémon Go, you have your work cut out for you. It involves participating in the latest event called the Mega Battle Challenge, where players can earn various rewards to go out and join in as many Mega Raids as they can, linking up with friends to take down these powerful adversaries. The event starts on September 11 at 8 AM and goes until September 17 at 10 PM in your local timezone.

Should trainers from all over the world participate in 275 Million Battles and complete them, Mega Houndoom will unlock for everyone. To find Mega Houndoom, you need to locate it in one of the available Mega Raids, which you can find like a traditional Pokémon Raid. The distinction is the Mega-Evolve symbol above it, and the egg generates a rainbow of colors when you look at it.

Once you complete the Mega Houndoom raid, you and your friends can capture a regular Houndoom that could potentially be a shiny version. Everyone in the group also receives Mega Houndoom Energy to Mega-Evolve their traditional Houndoom. The first Mega-Evolution always costs the most but goes down after that. We don’t know if Mega Houndoom will remain available after the Mega Battle Challenge event ends.