How to unlock Moshiri Kara Inazuma Domain in Genshin Impact

Face the challenges.

The Moshiri Kara Inazuma Domain was introduced to Genshin Impact in update 2.2, and can be found to the north of Tsurumi Island, and to the west of Serai Island. Players will need to get in a Waverider boat to make it to this new location.

When they arrive, players will discover a central island surrounded by three small islands. The main island has three locked Electro totems and three Phase Gates. Players will need to travel through the Phase Gates to complete the challenges on each of the smaller islands to unlock the totems.

  • Destroy 6 Exploding Barrels in 180 Seconds – this one is quite easy, just make sure you have a bow user in your party to make it even easier
  • Collect nine Electro particles in 180 – use the Electrogranum to bounce between the floating crystal and grab all the particles
  • Defeat two Thunderhelm Lawachurls in 80 seconds – this can be a tense fight, so make sure you bring characters that do plenty of damage against the thick Electro shields of the Thunderhelms

Each of the challenges needs to be completed, and if it is, the relevant totem right behind the Phase Gate will unlock, and players can activate it with Electro energy. Once all three are complete, players can then access the Domain as the door will rise up out of the ground.