How to unlock the Battletoads Fightin’ Frogs ship set in Sea of Thieves

Celebrate the return of the Battletoads game.

Image via Rare

The team at Sea of Thieves wants to celebrate Battletoads’ return with a brand new ship set called the Fightin’ Frogs. Players can earn the Fightin’ Frogs ship set, but you need to have the Battletoads 2020 game to unlock it.

To receive the Fightin’ Frogs ship set in Sea of Thieves, you need to complete the first act of Battletoads. You need to have completed it using the same Microsoft account that you use in both games. If you complete act 1 on a separate account, it won’t count unless that account has access to Sea of Thieves, and you log into the game. The ship set does not transfer between accounts, so make sure to complete act 1 on the correct profile.

There are multiple ways to play Battletoads. For example, you can buy Battletoads on the Microsoft page to play on PC or your Xbox One, or grab it on Steam. Those who have a subscription to Xbox Game Pass will have access to it immediately when it unlocks on August 20, which means you have access to Sea of Thieves. As far as we’re aware, this is not a limited time offer, so feel free to complete act 1 in Battletoads and log into Sea of Thieves to receive the Fightin’ Frogs ship set.