How to unlock the Drop Wall Mjolnir suit upgrade in Halo Infinite

Deploy your own cover with the Drop Wall.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Drop Wall is not just a piece of equipment that is useable in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, it is a useful tool you gain access to during the campaign. This tool allows you to throw out a protective barrier to use during combat when you can’t find cover. Here is where you can find the Drop Wall in Halo Infinite.

Screenshot by Gamepur

To unlock the Drop Wall, you first need to clear out the Excavation Site. The Excavation Site is located in the northwest region of the map, south of Outpost Tremonious. To complete the mission here, you need to destroy the laser drill that the Banished are using to drill into the Halo Ring. Once the drill is destroyed, you will be tasked with entering the Conservatory.

Head into the hole created by the drill and interact with the podium to enter the Conservatory. After entering the Conservatory, you will find another dead spartan. Interact with the dead spartan to pick up the Drop Wall. Upgrading the Drop Wall allows you to increase its size and strength. The upgrades also make it so that bullets fired through the Drop Wall get charged with electricity, dealing electrical damage on impact.