How to unlock the Elite Bounty Hunter role in Red Dead Online

New bounties roam the Wild West for the Elite Bounty Hunters.

Image via Rockstar

Red Dead Online’s favorite old role, the Bounty Hunter, received an expansion with the latest update. It is not its own role like the Trader or Collector. It is also not a branch of an existing role, like the Moonshiner’s relation to Trader or the Naturalist’s relation to Collector. The Elite Bounty Hunter is a small expansion to the existing Bounty Hunter role. 

To unlock the Elite Bounty Hunter, you will need to have the Bounty Hunter role unlocked. The standard Bounty Hunter costs 15 gold bars, but Rockstar often has promotions with discounts for the role. Bounty Hunter doesn’t make a lot of money, and it is a grind to level up or get anywhere in the role. The standard role has many nice aesthetic items and one of the best horses available in Red Dead Online. And while it is a grind, it is the only role that pays gold bars. With the latest nerf to daily gold rewards, Bounty Hunter will be necessary for players looking to earn gold bars without paying out of pocket.

After maxing out the standard Bounty Hunter, you can buy the Elite Bounty Hunter for another 15 gold bars. That’s 30 gold bars for the full Bounty Hunting experience. Elite Bounty Hunter adds:

  • New role items
  • New role abilities
  • New role cosmetics

There are no new horses associated with the role. The fourth Outlaw Pass has horse cosmetic rewards that let players alter their manes, tails, or add mustaches. 

To unlock the Elite Bounty Hunter, approach a Bounty Board. The game took us to Rhodes to unlock it, where the original Bounty Hunter Role was accessible. There are usually three posters on Bounty Boards, and the third poster is no longer the hardest bounty available. You can cycle through the hardest bounty or the new Elite Bounty Hunter.

Buy the role from the Bounty Board and continue to cycle. You will see the new Elite Legendary Bounty, Gene “Beau” Finley, and another Elite Bounty Hunter option. These will be at every board. From there, you can select if you want to do a standard difficult bounty, an Elite bounty, or the Elite Legendary Bounty.