How to unlock the Gosaku Armor in Ghost of Tsushima

Complete the Unbreakable Gosaku mythic tale and get the best armor in the game.

Ghost of Tsushima

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There are tons of different armor sets that Jin can use to play dress-up throughout his epic adventure to reclaim the island of Tsushima. There is a pajama-like Ronin outfit, hardened Samurai plates, and more. They all look pretty cool, and they have different uses, too. You might prefer the simplicity of the Traveler’s Attire, which is the best for exploration, but it’s hard to argue against the Gosaku Armor set when it comes to combat.

This armor is fantastic at keeping you alive, especially when it comes to lengthy battle sequences, and provides these bonuses:

  • Massive increase to health
  • Major increase to stagger damage
  • Killing staggered enemy returns health

It’s a great armor set and not too strenuous to acquire. The hardest part is finding the quest giver himself.

How to get the Gosaku Armor

Ghost of Tsushima akashima

To get the Gosaku armor, you’re going to have stormed Castle Kaneda and begun Act II. After you have completed the introductory quest to Act II, “A New Horizon,” you will be able to freely explore Toyotama, the area north of Izuhara. Travel to Akashima Village, as seen on the map above. Once there, speak to the musician you will find in the center of the village.

Ghost of Tsushima gosaku quest giver

Beginning the quest will add six markers on your map. You will need to travel to these six markers (all farmsteads) and collect the keys that you need to unlock the area where Gosaku’s armor is locked away.

From here on out, the quest amounts to going to the map markers, killing the Mongols at each farmstead, and collecting the keys. Once you have done that and got all six keys, a new location will be added to your map back in Akashima. Simply go there, find more Mongols, kill more Mongols, and you’ll be able to access the location where you will collect Gosaku’s armor.

It’s not too difficult so long as you can find the quest giver. With the health bonuses, this armor gives, it’s highly recommended to get this as soon as you can in Act II. As things ramp up in difficulty, it can really be a lifesaver.