Where to find the Curiosity Shop in Forspoken

Not your average shop owner.

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As you make your way through the world of Athia in Forspoken, you will come across various items that you can use to purchase items. One of the main currencies in the game is Old Coins. These coins were the currency of Athia before The Break took over the world and forced everyone into the city of Cipal. Luckily, there are a few people in the world who are still willing to trade items for these coins and one of them is waiting for you in the Curiosity Shop. This guide will show you where you can find the Curiosity Shop in Forspoken.

How to unlock the Curiosity Shop in Forspoken

There aren’t very many shops where you can spend your Old Coins throughout the game. At first, your only option is to spend them at the bookshop in Cipal. Here, you can purchase books that allow you to apply different upgrades to your gear when you stop at a crafting station. While this is nice, it doesn’t provide you with the same shopping experience that Frey is used to coming from New York City. For that, you need the Curiosity Shop.

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The Curiosity Shop makes an appearance later in the game. Unfortunately, it shows up near the end of the game when you are about to receive your final set of spells belonging to Olas. After entering the land of Visoria, you can travel to the south of Visoria Castle Town and go to the section of the map labeled Inner Visoria. Up in this area’s mountains, you can find a symbol that looks like two arrows. This is where you can find the Curiosity Shop.

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Being in The Break means that the shop owner isn’t exactly what you would expect. Instead of a human, the shop owner, labeled the Curio Collector, is an infected citizen who is still able to speak. After speaking to him, you can purchase the following items:

  • Gravity Lantern – 16 Old Coins
  • Comfy Pillow – 16 Old Coins
  • Crafting Pot – 24 Old Coins
  • Compass – 48 Old Coins
  • Sewing Kit – 64 Old Coins

Most of the Curio Collector’s items do not come cheap so you will want to make sure that you stock up on Old Coins during your journey around Athia.