How to unlock the La Varita Resolver Weapon in Far Cry 6

Shoot enemies through walls with this terrifying new rifle.


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La Varita is the best Resolver Weapon for Far Cry 6 players who like to stay quiet and out of sight of their enemies. However, it’s not a weapon you’ll find in a chest around Vara. Instead, it’s one you’ve got to unlock through a quest. This guide explains how to unlock the La Varita Resolver Weapon and make the most of it.

How to unlock La Varita

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To unlock La Varita, you need to complete the quest to acquire Oluso, the ghost panther Amigo. You can start this quest in the first hour or so of the game by visiting the cave near Gran Guerrero Mogotes. To do this, you’ll need to traverse Yara in search of three treasures before bringing them back to a cave and confronting the beast. Before doing so, a chest will appear, and inside that chest is La Varita. You then need to use the weapon to kill a few ghost panthers and complete the final step to earn Oluso.

What is La Varita?

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La Varita is a rifle with an extraordinary ability. You can shoot enemies through walls with it. However, this is only possible while wearing the Triador Supremo. This is the stealth Supremo that identifies enemies around you, even if they’re in cover. By using the Supremo first, you can then kill all the enemies in the vicinity with La Varita and clear out anyone who might try to kill you before they even realize you’re there.