How to unlock the Mexico Plaza arena in WWE 2K22

Head south to the land of luchadores.

Screenshot by Gamepur

WWE 2K22 has several arenas that you’ll need to unlock through gameplay if you want to use them in exhibition matches. The Mexico Plaza is one of these, and you’ll need to head into MyRise to unlock it. Fortunately, it doesn’t take too long to pick up if you’re not interested in playing through the entire single-player campaign. Let’s look at what you need to do to open up this arena.

The quickest way to unlock the Mexico Plaza seems to be to start a Men’s Division MyRise save. Presumably, you can also unlock it in the Women’s Division, but we found the men’s side to be a bit quicker. Once you’ve gone through all of the tutorial and exposition cutscenes, you’ll want to talk to Road Dogg as often as you can.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After completing a few quests from the New Age Outlaw, you’ll eventually unlock the quest to attend El Mago’s retirement show in Mexico. Make sure you do this before you leave the Performance Center to ensure that you’ll get the chance to do the next step of the quest. When you’ve finished the match, continue progressing through the PC until you can join NXT.

Hector Flores should join you in NXT. If you speak to him while you’re both on the show, you should be able to start the quest “Hector Flores’ Secret.” We suggest agreeing to help him with his problem, and you’ll unlock the Mexico Plaza upon completion. It’s a relatively basic stadium, but it being outdoors does help it stand out a bit from the crowd.