How to unlock the Secret Triumph for Festival Of The Lost 2020 – Destiny 2

Reveal your secrets.

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

Each year, Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost contains a Secret Triumph. It is normally hidden away behind some strange mechanic, only revealing itself when a player manages to pull it off by accident.

This year is no different, and the Secret Triumph has finally been revealed. The first step is, frankly, a massive grind. You will need to get and use 45 Cipher Decoders. Cipher Decoders are random drops from completing activities in the game such as Crucible matches, Strikes, or Patrols. You can even get them as potential world drops. The drop rate was painfully low at the start of the event but has been buffed a couple of times to be a little more sensible.

You will need to bring the Cipher Decoders into the Haunted Forest and open 45 of the caches with them. At the end of each run, you will find 5 caches that need the Cipher Decoders. You will need to do nine runs, making sure you have 5 Cipher Decoders each time, to finish up the challenges to open 45 caches.

Now, this will actually activate the secret Triumph for you, but it will not complete it. You will need to go and visit the Spider on the Tangled Shore again and he will give you an item called the Ascendant Lens. At the moment, nobody knows what to actually do with it, so the rest of the challenge remains a mystery at the moment.

We will be continuing to chip away at the mystery, and with a weekly reset on the way, there is a lot of potential for something to happen on Tuesday, October 20. We will be updating this article as we learn more about how to complete the Festival of the Lost 2020 secret Triumph.