How to unlock the Tower of Zot in Final Fantasy XIV

The Tower lies ahead of you.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV are some of the most complex pieces of content in the game. You’ll need to work together in a party of four players to complete it, and synergy is essential. For the Endwalker expansion, there have several more dungeons and trials you’ll need to complete to progress through the game. In this guide, we will share how to unlock the Tower of Zot in Final Fantasy XIV, the first dungeon in the expansion.

You’ll need to work your way through the Endwalker Main Scenario Quest. Without completing these quests, you cannot access it, which also means making sure you’ve purchased the expansion. The quests you primarily need to work through involved Thancred in Thavnair and Krile in Labyrinthos. Upon completing these two quests, you’ll be asked to return to Old Sharlayan to bring all of the reports together with the other Scions.

At this point, all of your companions will include it is in everyone’s best interests to assault the Tower of Zot. You’ll receive the In the Dark of the Tower Main Scenario Quest, and the Tower of Zot will be a requirement to turn in this and proceed through the rest of the Endwalker Main Scenario questline.

Your character will need to be at least level 81 before being allowed to enter The Tower of Zot, and you will need to have an average item level of 500. If you do not meet these requirements, you may have to purchase equipment and items from a market board for your Job.