How to Unlock the Tower Obelisk in Destiny 2 | Cornerstone Quest Guide

Destiny 2

Saint-14 is back in Destiny 2, and to celebrate, he has decided to be very useful instantly. He has three new quests available, and completing the Cornerstone quest will allow you to unlock the Tower Obelisk. To get started, head to the Tower Hangar, where you will find Saint-14 near his ship.

Step 1 – Some Assembly Required

To complete this step, you need to collect crucial components from different types of enemies:

  • Crucial Fallen Components 0/10
  • Crucial Cabal Components 0/10
  • Crucial Vex Components 0/10

To get these components, you will need to kill yellow bar enemies – the bosses and majors, so make sure you bring some weapons that pack a punch. A pretty good way to do is to farm some Lost Sectors or run some Strikes quickly. For Cabal, the easiest place to kill majors quickly is still on the Leviathan, so load up there and take out the guards, then respawn and do it again to finish up that part.

Step 2 – Delivery Pending

Once you have all the parts you need, return to Saint-14 in the Tower Hangar, and he will give you a piece to place in the Obelisk near the main Tower spawn point. Place it to activate the Obelisk, and the mission is complete.

The Tower Obelisk serves a great function, as you can manage all the other Obelisks, so it removes the need to travel between different areas of the game. You can collect all the Obelisk Bounties from the one in the Tower as well. It will also open up access to some useful new items that can boost your XP earned from Timelost Bounties and the Polarized Fractaline that you earn.