How to Unlock Vanellope in Disney Dreamlight Valley

This guide covers how to complete Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust’s DreamSnap Challenge to unlock Vanellope in DDV.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s DreamSnaps Update might give us all a sweet tooth with all this candy. Before making that dentist appointment, however, we need Vanellope to join our Valley. Find out how to unlock Vanellope in DDV and complete the DreamSnap tutorial with this guide.

How to Get Vanellope in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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To get started unlocking Vanellope in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players will need to install the July 19, 2023 update. The quest “The Haunting of Dreamlight Valley” will unlock automatically following installation. Afterward, Scrooge McDuck will share some alarming ghost reports in the castle. 

  1. As a good ruler, head to Dream Castle to investigate the source of Scrooge’s nightmares. 
  2. Right upstairs and behind the fountain awaits an adorable and glitchy Vanellope. Speak with her to start the quest “Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust.”
  3. This quest serves as a tutorial for the DreamSnaps feature. To tackle this quest and unlock Vanellope in DDV, complete the tutorial DreamSnaps challenge.

How to Complete Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust’s DreamSnap Challenge

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Each DreamSnap Challenge in Disney Dreamlight Valley comes with a set of specifications. To learn how to complete the tutorial DreamSnap Challenge, open the game’s menu and head to the Event tab. The DreamSnap option is to the menu’s left, right under The Wonder of Pixar Star Path. Here, the Mandatory and Suggested requirements and the rewards for completion are displayed.

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Mandatory Requirementsx5 Playful Trait Pieces of Furniture
x5 Familiar Trait Pieces of Furniture
Suggested RequirementsModern furniture
Wreck-It Ralph Collection
RewardsRed Chest
x50 Pixel Dust

Follow these steps to complete the Faith, Trust, and Pixel Dust’s Disney Dreamlight Valley DreamSnap Challenge:

  1. Choose whichever area of the Valley you’d like to decorate for this Snap.
  2.  Access the furniture menu with X. You can use the filter option to select Playful and Familiar Traits. 
  3. Place five pieces of furniture with each trait in the designated area.
  4. Whip out your camera and take a selfie with these pieces of furniture in the Valley.

As a reward for completing this DreamSnap, x50 pixel dust and a red chest will be rewarded. This also unlocks the first weekly DreamSnap challenge, called The Dreamlight Ball.

After the challenge, speak to Vanellope again to get Vanellope’s Hideout built in the Valley for 4000 Moonstones. Afterward, Disney Dreamlight Valley players can finally welcome the iconic Wreck-It Ralph character to their towns.