How to upgrade cars in Need for Speed Unbound

Get ready for the big races.

Image via EA

In order to win Need for Speed Unbound races in bunches, you’ll need a fast ride. To get one of those, players have multiple options: either buy a new one, or upgrade an existing vehicle sitting in the garage. If you’re looking to do the latter in Need for Speed Unbound, there’s a couple of things to be aware of. Here’s what you need to know about upgrading vehicles in Need for Speed Unbound.

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How to modify cars in Need for Speed Unbound

Much like with selling cars, car upgrades can only happen twice a day. Exceptions are traditionally on Saturdays, when major events take place. Otherwise, you’ll have the option to upgrade either during the day or night.

To upgrade a car’s parts, select the ‘Rides’ tab when in the garage. Then, select ‘Performance’ to upgrade a vehicle.

Users have the option to upgrade the Handling, Engine, and Parts of a car. For the Handling, this includes tweaking the Grip/Drift ratio, steering sensitivity, downforce, traction control, and the drift entry setting. Players also have the option to overhaul the entire engine, as well as its parts, Chasis, and Drivetrain. Money is needed in order to upgrade each individual part, as well as for new engines.

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Now, we should note that some advanced parts may not be available. This is because in order to get some of the best parts, you will need to upgrade the Garage. This can be done by selecting ‘Upgrade Garage,’ found in the Performance section.

Sport and Pro are the lowest tiers, with Super and Pro Upgrades being the best. To get the two highest tiers, you will need $50,000 for Super and $100,000 for Pro.