How to upgrade the Castle in Disciples: Liberation

Attract more followers, and bolster your ranks.


Image via Frima Studio

Yllian is your primary base of operations in Disciples: Liberation. You’ll be visiting it often to acquire recruits, train your allies, gather resources, and construct buildings to aid in your journey. The large castle in Yllian grants you access to higher-tier facilities. In this guide, we’re going to break down how you can upgrade your castle in Disciples: Liberation.

Upgrading your castle is all tied to your progression in the main story. We were able to add our first upgrade to the castle after visiting two of the starter regions and recruiting two companions to our cause. There are four tiers available on the castle, so we recommend that after completing a region in Disciples: Liberation, return to Yllian and investigate the castle. The upgrade might not always be there, but double-checking it doesn’t hurt, especially if you need to add more powerful allies to your cause.


It’s also worth your time to upgrade the castle to increase Avyanna’s leadership level. The higher leadership she has, the more units you can control in battle, increasing your ranks.

The upgrade costs for the castle are typically gold, iron, wood, and divine essence. Of those requirements, the divine essence is the most difficult to acquire. You’ll be to receive more by dismantling higher quality equipment, such as any rated as rare or higher. An excellent way to obtain higher-quality gear is to take on tougher battles.