How to upgrade weapons in Elyon

Gotta learn your enhancement versus your enchantment.

Image via Krafton Games

A big part of success in many MMOs is crafting and upgrading your equipment, and Elyon is no different. Sure, there is a lot of other stuff to do, but you’re going to spend a lot of your time-fighting. There are a couple of ways to upgrade weapons in Elyon, each with its strengths and weaknesses, so here is everything you need to know about how to make sure your weapons level up alongside you.

Equipping Runes

The simplest way to upgrade your equipment in Elyon is to equip a rune to it. Every weapon starts with one runeslot and gains new runeslots for every +4 enhancement it receives. There are seven different rune colors, and each one upgrades a different attribute on the weapon.

  • Red – Increase damage traits
  • Blue – Increase defense traits
  • Green – Increases healing traits
  • Yellow – Increases luck and chance traits
  • Purple – Grants traits with positive and negative effects for those wanting a high risk/high reward strategy
  • Orange – Increase crowd control traits
  • White – Can be equipped to any slot and directly increase a specific stat.

Every runeslot beyond the first one has a specific color that can be equipped to it, so finding the right rune for your weapon will be key. Runes can be changed without any cost, so having some spare for specific encounters might be a good idea.

Enchanting Weapons

Enchanting your weapon will give it a pure stat boost as well as a bonus to damage against a certain kind of monster. This function is unlocked via the main questline, usually around level 38. Enchantment costs hearthstones of the appropriate color for the tier of the weapon you are upgrading. There is no downside to enchanting your weapons, so be sure not to neglect this process.

Enhancing Weapons

Image via Krafton Games

Enhancing is different from enchanting in Elyon, but it is no less important. Enhancing your weapon can be done from level 34 in most major cities on the map. Each weapon can be upgraded a certain number of times, as indicated by the number of diamonds on the item’s stats. Enhancing weapons costs enhancement stones and comes with a chance of failure.

Success when enhancing your weapons will increase the number of runeslots it has, the attack stats, and potentially increase the item’s tier once it reaches a certain level. Failure will decrease the weapon’s enhancement level and set you back a bit. However, certain items can undo previous failures, so it usually isn’t the end of the world. Enhancement slots with a yellow border have a higher percentage chance of success and of giving a bonus enhancement, so they are worth paying attention to when planning your next upgrade.

The only exception to this is Breakthrough tier weapons, which are extremely powerful but come with the risk of being destroyed entirely upon failing to enhance them, making the process extra risky.