Astral Chain – How To Upgrade Your Legatus And Your Weapon

You have three primary weapons in Astral Chain. Your gun, the baton, and a gladius sword. At first, these won’t do the most damage. However, you can upgrade your weapon and the Legatus that acts as a bridge between you and your Legion.

How To Upgrade Your Legatus And your Weapon

To improve your Legatus and your weapon you need to head to floor B3 in Neuron HQ. This floor also houses the Training Room. Find the Tech Room and speak with Tabitha. She isn’t difficult to spot as she sports a rather fetching eye-patch.

She gives you the option to upgrade your weapon or your Legatus device. She won’t do it for free, though. You need G, earned from missions, and Material Codes. You can get Material Codes from chests you find in missions, as mission rewards, or from completing special orders.

As long as you have enough G and Material Codes, you can select from the available upgrades. Be careful though, because you also use Material Codes to unlock new abilities and nodes for your Legion. You need to think about which upgrade or unlock is going to get you the most benefit.

As useful as it would be to be able to do these upgrades while you are in mission, field engineering is not your character’s area. You will need to go and visit Tabitha every time you wish to perform an upgrade.