How to use a M247 HMG in Halo Infinite

Where do you need to go to find this weapon in Halo Infinite?

Screenshot by Gamepur via Halo YouTube

If you’re looking to down opponents with the M247 HMG, you’ll have to visit specific maps in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode. The weapon only shows up a handful of times, so making sure you’re queueing up for the correct playlist is the best way to make sure you have a chance to start using this weapon. Additionally, you’ll need to use this gun if you want to complete a weekly challenge for your battle pass. Here’s what you need to know about finding the M247 HMG in Halo Infinite.

The M247 is the mounted gun you can find on the back of the UNSC Warthog or the mounted turret that you can find on the larger maps. You can typically find a Warthog spawning on the larger Big Team Battle maps, specifically on Behemoth, Deadlock, Fragmentation, and Highpower. These are of the large maps you can find on the Halo Infinite playlist.

Screenshot by Gamepur

For those looking to complete the weekly challenge, all you have to do is get a kill against an enemy target with one of these guns. If you prefer to be a bit more mobile, you’ll have better chances of getting a kill on the back of a Warthog. Alternatively, with the M247 HMG mobile turret, you can always rip it off from its placement and walk around with it.