How to use Blue Glyphs in Dead by Daylight

Commune with the other side.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Blue Glyphs in Dead by Daylight are a special interactable you can view while playing the game. These glyphs are something you can grab during your Trial, which you can choose to go after while attempting to advance levels in your Tome. It’s an optional challenge, but it can be not easy, and it rewards you with Bloodpoints and Rift. Here’s what you need to know about how to use Blue Glyphs in Dead by Daylight.

How Blue Glyphs work in Dead by Daylight

The Blue Glyph, for the Glyph Communer challenge, is only available to Survivors. You will need to find these while playing against one of the notorious Killers in Dead by Daylight. When you find one of these Glyphs, walk up to it and interact with the object. You can only see it when your character is within 10 meters of the Glyph, and it will take three seconds for you to interact with it. Upon interacting with all of the required Blue Glyphs for the challenge, you will have finished the Glyph Communer challenge. You will need to find two; they look like small blue cuts floating in the air.

Screenshot by Gamepur

What Blue Glyphs do in Dead by Daylight

Upon interacting with a Blue Glyph, your survivor receives one of two status effects: Blindness or Oblivious. The Blindness status effect will prevent your character from reading any Auras. The Oblivious status effect will prevent your character from seeing the Killer’s Terror Radius, preventing you from hearing the heartbeat when they’re getting closer to you.

Of the two options, hopefully, you land the Blindness status effect. While not being able to see certain Auras can be problematic, being unable to hear the Killer’s heartbeat when they get closer can quickly land you into trouble.