How to use point boost tickets in Mario Kart Tour


Mario Kart Tour has been out for a full day, and while it had its mishaps at launch, the game will certainly shape up to be a stellar mobile game from Nintendo despite previous disappointing Mario mobile titles from the past. While keeping the concept, the mobile game for iOS and Android devices offers exciting mechanics to make Mario Kart Tour its own game and not just a mobile version of the beloved Mario spinoff series.

How to use point boost tickets in Mario Kart Tour

New items are in the game, such as point boost tickets. These can affect your gameplay for the better and help out your driver, kart, or glider. Depending on the rarity of those three, point boost tickets increase the base points to get you bonus points for doing objectives like drifting and gliding. These tickets make for getting five stars on tracks more straightforward and faster without having to redo them.

Mario Kart Tour Point Boost Tickets

As an example, the Super Glider can be upgraded to raise the base points. Since it starts at 256 base points, improving the glider increases it to 268. You can use these tickets until an object maxes out. The process is similar to karts and riders, but they have different tickets of their own.

These tickets make it a faster way to max out ranks for your chosen racer, kart, or glider if you do not feel like racing a lot. For an easy win, be sure to save the tickets if you do not have your specific racer, kart, or glider yet. How you handle the point boost tickets is up to you, and you must have fun with Mario Kart Tour.