How to use the first quantum mediator in Narita Boy

Your first foray into teleportation.

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Narita Boy is an action exploration game from the developers at Studio Koba. The game requires equal parts skill and strategy as you fight through hordes of baddies and solve puzzles to save your world from the evil HIM. During your journey, you’ll be tasked with finding different quantum mediators and solving puzzles to move to the next area. You find the first in the Underground Garden soon after acquiring your Techno-Sword. The puzzles here are relatively simple, but if you can’t find all three switches, we’re here to help you out.

Where is the first Quantam Mediator

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Once you enter the Underground Garden, you’ll notice a large pillar to your right. At the top of this pillar, you’ll see the quantum mediator. Of course, at this point, you can’t do anything with it. However, keep its location in mind as you’ll need to come back after finding all three switches.

Quantum Mediator Switch 1

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The first switch is the easiest to find. When you enter the Underground Garden, you just need to walk a bit to the right of the quantum mediator pillar to find the switch.

Quantum Mediator Switch 2

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The second switch is a bit more hidden. To unlock it, you’ll need to go to the pillar and find a button prompt at its base. Doing this will open a hidden door that’s just to the right of the first switch. Inside the door, you’ll find the second switch waiting for you.

Quantum Mediator Switch 3

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The final switch is located way off to the right of the garden. If you’re not paying attention, it’s easy to miss, but you can easily make the jump from the main garden to the switch’s small island.

Once you’ve flipped all three switches, head back to the quantum mediator. Now, you’ll have to solve a short, shape-based puzzle. If you can’t figure out how to get past, make sure to pay close attention to the main dreaming at the base of the pillar. His sweet dreams contain some handy hints.