How to use the Golden Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The mystery continues.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with secrets for you to discover as you unlock the game’s many biomes and scour the caves. One of the biggest mysteries that has plagued the community is what to do with the Golden Potato. This item was given to those who typed in the code that appeared in the image for the Halloween update. Thanks to the Festival of Friendship update, you can now use this item. This guide will show you how to use the Golden Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What to do with the Golden Potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you got the Golden Potato during the Halloween event, you have probably been very confused as to what it does. Well, if you head on over to Merlin’s house, you will see an image of this spud in a book on his side table. Place the Golden Potato in your inventory and make your way to the cave on Dazzle Beach. Follow the path down until you find a stone table with a strange diamond-shaped stone on it.

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Interact with the stone and place the Golden Potato in the inventory slot. This will activate the stone and turn the Golden Potato into a Golden Carrot. With this vegetable in hand, make your way to Elsa’s cave. When you go inside, you will see another diamond-shaped stone on the table in front of the entrance.

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Interact with this stone and the Diamond Carrot will transform once more into a Golden Crab, but be careful not to confuse it with a normal crab that you fish for. Bring the Golden Crab to Dream Castle. Once there, walk up the stairs to where the fountain is. Search along the railing near the fountain for the next diamond-shaped stone. Interact with it and turn the Golden Crab into a Golden Night Thorn.

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Finally, bring the Golden Night Thorn to Merlin’s home and interact with the diamond-shaped stone on the table next to the book. This will transform the Golden Night Thorn into a Golden Potion with “the power of the sun to bring warmth to something gone cold.” There is no information about what this potion is used for but the description seems to indicate a connection between the winter and spring seasons. Now we just need to solve the mystery that is the Red Potato.