How to use the Inscrutable Quantum Device in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

This device’s mystery is only exceeded by its power, dude.

Image via Blizzard

After beating Dealer Xy’exa inside the De Other Side dungeon of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, you might find yourself in possession of a piece of loot called the Inscrutable Quantum Device. It’s got a cool name, and it looks like something that could spawn demons from Hellraiser, but what does it do?

There is definitely no simple answer to that question. The Inscrutable Quantum Device takes many factors into consideration, and it’s not clear which ones it prioritizes. Here’s what we know it will do for sure:

  • If you or someone around you is crowd-controlled, the device will eliminate the crowd control.
  • If a trinket is out and has the chance to kill your target with a certain amount of damage, the kill rate will be 100%.
  • If any healer near your location currently has less than 20% of their mana, the device restores some of the mana.
  • If you or someone near you is in danger, the device will spawn a target that draws all aggro.
  • If your health or someone near you is below 30%, the device will heal.
  • If none of the above are true, the device will give you buff on one of your secondary stats.

Should you decide not to use it, the Inscrutable Quantum Device can be disenchanted into a collection of an Eternal Crystal, a Sacred Shard, and some Soul Dust.