How to use the Magick Flow Detector in Lost Ark

The Magick Flow Detector may seem defective, but can be used correctly with enough effort.

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During the A Nose For News quest, when helping Hoyte News break the story of corruption in the Origins of Stern and pollution on Glacier Isle, Lost Ark players are tasked with using a Magick Flow Detector to scan for high-temperature readings at the Nebelhorn oasis. While this task may seem as straightforward as any other Lost Ark quest, the clunky mechanics of using the detector can make progressing through this quest very difficult.

How to use the Magick Flow Detector

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Screenshot by DoubleXP

When received, the Magick Flow Detector functions as an actively used quest item. When the player presses F5, their character will throw the detector to the location of their cursor. From this position, a circular area-of-effect will expand out from the cursor in a small radius.

This AoE searches for one of three successive mission triggers located in the field around the oasis. However, while the radius of this search is very narrow, the triggers that need to be searched are very small and precise, making the process of finding their exact locations primarily trial and error.

Further complicating this search effort is the five-second cooldown that takes place after every use of the Magick Flow Detector. Rather than spam F5 and search as many locations as possible, players are instead required to pick the most likely locations carefully.

As a rule of thumb, the quest will progress quickly if players use their Magic Flow Detectors on the ribcage fossils sticking out from the ground, as these spots tend to hide the necessary quest triggers. It may take several tries to find the exact spot for each, so be sure to try as many spots around the ribs as possible.

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