How to use the map in Elden Ring

Markers can make the From Software struggle a tad easier.

Screenshot by Gamepur via Bandai Namco YouTube

From Software’s Soulsborne games are set in a variety of darkly beautiful worlds. Demon’s Souls kicked things off in the kingdom of Boletaria before the Dark Souls trilogy took us to Lordran, Drangleic, and Lothric. Bloodborne was set in the town of Yharnam. The events of Sekiro happen across the territory of the Ashina clan. Elden Ring‘s own world is dubbed The Lands Between, and unlike all the previous games listed here, it actually gives you a proper map to chart your way.

As shown in Elden Ring’s 15-minute gameplay preview, the map is expansive, reflecting the larger setting of the game. You can fill it out by collecting Map Fragments, which add more fine details. While examining, you can also press a button to ping Sites of Grace, the game’s equivalent of Bonfires. This is handy if you need to save your game or get a little guidance on where to go next.

Furthermore, you can place markers on your map to remind you of important information. There’s a variety of markers to place, with images of a sword, skull, person, animal, plant, jewel, chest, banner, tree, and keep. Using these will help you track areas you wish to revisit or explore later, whether it’s a full-on dungeon or a spot to farm crafting materials. What’s more, markers you place will be reflected in the world as beacons, so you can follow the light to the spot in question.

This guide is a work in progress. Check back around the Elden Ring release date for updates!