How to use the Overtuned Corgi Goggles in World of Warcraft

An absolutely adorable toy.

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World of Warcraft’s assembly of collectible toys over the years has had some truly remarkable effects on the game. There are jukeboxes, punching bags, and even toys that strip your character naked. The ultimate reward in this collection, however, has to be the Overtuned Corgi Goggles introduced during the anniversary event in World of Warcraft. These babies put goggles on your character that turn every NPC and player character in your vicinity into corgi puppies. This toy is often featured in a Trading Post challenge, and so it is only natural that players are seeking out how to get and use it. Here is what you need to know about the Overtuned Corgi Goggles.

How to get the Overtuned Corgi Goggles in WoW

Unfortunately, the Overtuned Corgi Goggles are only available for purchase during the game’s anniversary event that comes around every November. Unless you have already managed to purchase and unlock the toy during a past anniversary period, you will have to wait until it comes back around next time. This means that you cannot complete the Trading Post Challenge if you don’t currently own the Overtuned Corgi Goggles.

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During the World of Warcraft Anniversary holiday, the Overtuned Corgi Goggles can be purchased from the following NPC event vendors for 200 Timewarped Badges (these vendors are not present until the anniversary event is live):

  • Historian Ma’di – A female Troll found in the Caverns of Time in Tanaris at 50.8, 41.6.
  • Historian Llore – A male Human found in Stormwind at 84.5, 24.5.
  • Historian Ju’pa – A Male Troll found in Orgrimmar at 36.6, 74.6.

How to complete the Overtuned Corgi Goggles Traveler’s Log challenge in WoW

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Once you own the toy, it is very simple to complete the “Use the Overtuned Corgi Goggles” task in the Traveler’s Log for the month. Simply open your Collections Menu by Holding Shift+P and navigating to the toy tab. Use the search bar to find Overtuned Corgi Goggles, and click it to activate the toy for ten minutes. Everything around you should suddenly become adorable, whether it be NPC or fellow player. This should instantly complete the challenge and give you 50 points towards the Traveler’s Log for the month.

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There are a ton of toys to collect in the Dragonflight expansion, including one that allows you and your friends to change your character’s race temporarily. These are often found in the strangest of places, and could very well turn up as a task in the Traveler’s Log in the future.