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How the Traveler’s Log works in World of Warcraft

Make it rain by filling the bar.

World of Warcraft has launched its latest feature, the Trading Post, for eager fans. Players will earn a set amount of currency every month simply for logging in and can spend it on rewards at this new location. The items cycle every month, some of which are unique to the Trading Post. Going hand-in-hand with the Trading Post is a section of the Adventure guide called the Traveler’s Log, which lets you complete tasks every month to earn additional currency for use on rewards.

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How to use the Traveler’s Log in World of Warcraft

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Pressing SHIFT and the J key in World of Warcraft will open up the Adventure Guide. A new menu has been added for the Trading Post feature to see your Traveler’s Log challenges. This feature lists off a bunch of activities to do for the month to earn extra Trader’s Tender to spend at the Trading Post.

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These activities range from killing raid bosses to giving a kiss to a dragon. Every time an activity is completed, the bar will progress a little further. Certain thresholds will grant the player 100 Trader’s Tender for 500 extra for the month.

Completing the bar requires earning 1000 Trader’s Coins, which are awarded by finishing a certain portion of the available challenges listed under the Traveler’s Log. The amount the bar fills upon completing a challenge depends on the difficulty and amount of work entailed to finish it. For instance, completing tasks like killing 50 dungeon bosses, 25 Mythic Plus dungeons, or defeating raid bosses rewards 200 Trader’s Coins to the total. Easier tasks like resurrecting 10 players or showing love to the Dragon Aspects rewards 50 Trader’s Coins.

When the bar is completely filled, a unique reward will also be awarded every month, such as the Ash’adar, Harbinger of Dawn mount. All your earned Trader’s Tender and the mount will be lootable at the Collector’s Cache at the Trading Post for the month. Alliance players can find this cache just outside the Stockades in the Mage Quarter of Stormwind, and to the left of Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar for Horde players

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