How to use the World Visit system in Final Fantasy XIV

Explore other servers in your region.

Image via Square Enix

The World Visit system in Final Fantasy XIV allows you to visit other worlds, or servers, on your data center. While there are some restrictions in place, the World Visit system is perfect for getting out to see what other worlds are like. You can join parties with friends, check out another server’s market board, or just hang out as a wanderer in a new place.

Accessing the World Visit system

Head to the main aetheryte crystal in either Ul’dah, Gridania, or Limsa Lominsa. Clicking on the crystal will bring up a menu, where you can select the option to visit another world. You’ll then see a list of available servers on your data center. Select which server you’d like to visit.

Image via Square Enix

When selecting a world, you will see a list of the current restrictions in place. In general, you won’t be able to access things like retainers, linkshells, or free companies. While counterintuitive, you also won’t be able to attend wedding ceremonies for friends. If you’re fine with these restrictions, confirm which world you’d like to visit, then hit OK.

You’ll then enter a queue for your designated world. When your wait time is over, or if your queue is instant, you’ll automatically transfer to the world of your choice.

Image via Square Enix

After queueing in, you’ll appear at the same aetheryte crystal, but in the new world. You will have a “Wanderer” tag next to your name where your free company tag would have normally been. There’s also no limit to how long you can stay while visiting other worlds. Whenever you enter duties from this new world, you’ll reappear in the same world when exiting the instance. You can log out and log back into the same world you’re visiting as well.

Despite the restrictions, the World Visit system is perfect for seeing what other servers get up to with their populations. While you can’t sell items on the market board, you are free to buy items freely. Keep an eye out for deals on servers where the items are much cheaper than on your home world.