How to use visions to find Starsplinter Iron in Genshin Impact – The Crane Returns to the Wild

Look up.

While working to help Ninggunag rebuild the Jade Chamber as part of The Crane Returns to the Wild quest, players will be tasked with finding Starsplinter Iron. The game will tell you to use your Vision to do this, but won’t go into further detail.

The first thing you might think is that it means Elemental Vision, but this won’t really help in any way. Instead, the Vision that grants your characters their elemental power will glow brightly as you get close to the Starsplinter Iron. This doesn’t really help you find the Starsplinter Iron, however, as you need to be pretty close to have the vision start to glow, and the iron is actually up quite high.

You only need to collect two pieces of Starsplinter Iron. The main search area will be marked by a large yellow circle on your minimap. The first thing to do is climb up the large, long outcrop of rock. At the top, you will find the first piece of Starsplinter Iron. Now, look across at the main cliff on the other side of you. There will be one more piece that is visible up there. You can glide across to the cliff and then climb the rest of the way up.