How to use Wyvern Riding in the Monster Hunter Rise Demo

C’mere, Wyvern.

Image via Capcom

An exciting feature in Monster Hunter Rise is Wyvern Riding, and you will be able to try this out during the demo. It allows you to ride around on the game’s many creatures, utilizing them in your hunts.

It’s not as simple as just running up to them and hitting a button however, you will need to put the work in if you want to take advantage of this feature.

To be able to latch on to a creature with Iron Bind Silk, and take command of it, you will first need to fight it until it hits a status called a mountable state. This will be clear on the screen as the creature will flop over onto the ground, and a large red icon will appear over its head. You will also need to do the right kind of damage, taking advantage of Wirebug jumping attacks, using Silk Bind moves, or allow the creatures to fight each other.

Once you have taken control of the beast, you can control its movement by holding R and moving the left thumbstick. You can have the creature perform Light Attacks by hitting X, or Heavy Attacks by hitting A. The B button will allow you to perform evasive maneuvers to dodge incoming attacks.

If you want to damage the monster that you are riding, you can hit the Y button. If you can cause it to crash into an object or monster it will fall to the ground, and be wrapped up in the Iron Bind Silk allowing you to freely damage it.

You cannot simply ride a monster forever. There will be a red gauge at the center of the screen that indicates how long you can continue to ride the monster. Taking damage will reduce it while landing attacks or dodging damage will fill it up. If you can completely fill up the gauge, you can hit X and A together to perform a high damage move called a mounted punisher.

After the mounted punisher animation plays out, you will automatically dismount the monster. Remember, unless the monster you were riding is weakened from combat, you will effectively have a whole new fight on your hands.