How to visit another world server in Final Fantasy XIV Online

Visit other world servers in your data center.

Image via Square Enix

There are ways to get around congested wait times in Final Fantasy XIV Online. When many players are trying to jump into the game, it can be challenging to find a session that you can find. A good way to get around this is to visit another world server within your data center. The feature allows you to visit a less populated world, allowing you to jump into the game rather than wait in a queue. Here’s what you need to do to visit another world server in Final Fantasy XIV.

You’ll be able to do this entirely from the main menu when you load into Final Fantasy XIV. You’ll know you need to do this if the queue time for your server is massive or receive error 2002. Both of those notification signals tell you there’s a lot of server congestion.

When you’re at the character login screen, click on the character you want to play Final Fantasy XIV with, and then select the subcommand ‘visit another world server’. You won’t have to do anything else outside of clicking this subcommand. The game will automatically assign you a world that you can visit that has a small population, allowing you to jump into the game potentially. You can also do this while in-game if you’re experiencing a massive amount of lag or several other issues.

You can review the world reserve restrictions and how the system works on the Final Fantasy XIV guide page. In addition, you’ll be able to see your place in the queue and how long it takes you when you’re attempting to transfer.

By merging all of the data centers in Final Fantasy XIV, all players can visit any data center they want following the 6.0 update.