How to wake up Coursebot in Super Mario Maker 2’s Story Mode

Super Mario Maker 2 released today and is filled with all kinds of fun levels for you to enjoy. There is also a story mode that involves trying to build a new castle for Princess Peach. The game’s story mode is filled with secrets that you might not notice, one of which is Coursebot.

In Super Mario Maker 2, Coursebot allows you to save and navigate through player built courses, but he is also in the Story Mode itself. You can find him down a pipe near where you are trying to create a new castle for Princess Peach! You won’t be able to talk to him at first, because he is sleeping, but it is possible to wake him up.

Once Coursebot is awake, you can use him to watch the cutscenes from the story mode again, should you wish.

How To Wake Up Coursebot In Super Mario Maker 2


To wake up Coursebot in Super Mario Maker 2’s story mode, you must first finish the game. Once you have done that, you will need to complete the first of Princess Peach’s challenges to get the Super Hammer. Now, you will be able to break the blocks that are in the pipe using the Super Hammer, and this will allow you to get down to Coursebot and wake him up.

If you are wondering which pipe it is, it will have a blue plant in it when you start the game and will be located to the left side of the castle construction site.

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