How to watch the Feb. 20 Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct

Don’t miss out on the last drop of information on the new Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing New Horizons

The latest installment of Animal CrossingNew Horizons, is fast approaching its release date of March 20. The new game being the first new Animal Crossing in the mainline series since 2012’s New Leaf on the Nintendo 3DS, the excitement for the game is reaching a fever pitch.

Yesterday, it was announced that fans are to be offered one final chance to see what the game is all about as a Nintendo Direct for the game was announced for Feb. 20 at 6 am PST, 9 am EST or 2 pm GMT. The tweet that accompanied the announcement seems to indicate that the 25-minute presentation will showcase more of the game’s island to players, allow you to see more of what your deserted island paradise might look like.

It’s a show that if you’re a fan of the games, and you are looking forward to the new game you won’t want to miss. However, how can you watch it?

There are a few options open to those looking to watch the Direct, all of which stem from the channels on streaming sites for Nintendo. Depending on the language which you want to watch the presentation in, you can head to the appropriate channel to listen in that language. 

If you want to watch via YouTube in English, for example, the best approach is to keep a close eye on the main Nintendo YouTube channel. Once Nintendo places up a page to premiere the new video, a separate video page will be available with the time left before broadcast on display, and an option to have a notification sent straight to your device to let you know when the presentation is about to begin. 

Alternatively, you can also view the show via Nintendo’s Twitch page, and similarly to YouTube, to make sure that you don’t miss the presentation, you can follow the channel, and then make sure that notifications are turned on. If done so, you will be notified as to when the presentation starts going live. 

Most Nintendo Directs broadcasting start at least ten minutes before the actual presentation, so when notified that it’s started, it should give you time to start the video.

Please be aware that to enable the notification alerts for YouTube or Twitch, you will need an active account for this to work. Alternatively, head to either channel about 15 minutes before showtime, and you should have no problem finding the stream.