How to whisper with the Speaking Trumpet in Sea of Thieves

Don’t let other pirates overhear your plans.

Screenshot via Sea of Thieves YouTube

Introduced as a reward in The Hungering Deep update and available later for all pirates, the Speaking Trumpet is an Equipment item that lets you capitalize your text in text chat or amplify your voice in voice chat. With the introduction of Season Five, the Speaking Trumpet can also be flipped around and used as whispering device that prevents enemy crews from listening in on your conversations. Here’s how to whisper using the Speaking Trumpet in Sea of Thieves.

Whispering with the Speaking Trumpet

Image via Sea of Thieves YouTube

You’ll first need to equip your Speaking Trumpet, which you can do by opening the Equipment Radial Menu (hold Right Bumper on controller), pressing X for More, and selecting it from the page (Right Thumbstick). The Speaking Trumpet should now be in your hands.

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From here, the process is simple. Instead of holding Right Trigger (RT) to amplify your voice as you normally would, hold Left Trigger (LT) to flip the instrument around and use it to whisper. You’ll know you’ve done it correctly if the animation plays and you’re holding the wide part of the trumpet in front of your face. Once you’ve said your piece, just let go of LT to stop whispering.

Remember, you’ll need to be using the in-game voice chat for this to work (or matter). The feature is nice for those who wish to get the true pirate-sim experience, role play, meet new people, or make the game more challenging for themselves. However, if you want your conversations to remain secret at all times, you can use Xbox’s Party Chat feature or a third-party service like Discord.