How to win at The Floor is Lava in Crab Game

No, really, the floor is literally lava.

Screenshot of Crab Game

Image via Dani

A classic childhood game with a deadly twist, The Floor is Lava is one of several minigames in the Squid Game-inspired multiplayer title Crab Game. This minigame’s premise is pretty straightforward: Hop between randomly-disappearing platforms while avoiding touching the floor, which in this case is literally lava that will kill you. This guide will give you a few tips on how you can outlast your competition in this deadly game-type.

Positioning is key here. When on a platform, make sure you’re standing towards the center, not near any edges. Right before a platform disappears, you’ll see some gravel start to kick up, and it will begin to slowly move downward. If this is happening to the platform you’re standing on, you won’t be able to see this visual cue if you’re near the edge, likely resulting in your death. But if you’re near the center, a good chunk of your platform will be in your field of view, affording you enough notice to abandon ship.

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Another reason you’ll want to stay away from edges is due to other players. In general, you should avoid sharing platforms with other players, as chances are they’ll try to shove you off, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. The closer you are to an edge, the easier it is to get pushed off, so you’re better off staying in the middle of your platform.

You’re free to try your hand at shoving folks into lava yourself, but we don’t recommend you try too hard at this. Unless there are only a few people left, it’s a lot of effort for very little reward.

As for jumping across platforms, you can clear most gaps early in the round by simply walking and jumping. However, as platforms disappear and gaps become larger, you’ll want to start jumping while sprinting. This is another reason why you should stay in the center of your platform; it affords you enough room to get a nice running start. Simply sprint forward using the shift key and jump to get a good chunk of horizontal distance.

Lastly, try to make sure the platform you’re jumping on is surrounded by other platforms. In general, you should stay in whichever area has the highest concentration of platforms to allow yourself multiple outs in the event your platform collapses.