How to win the Final Round in Fall Guys – Fall Mountain, Hex-A-Gone, Royal Fumble, Jump Showdown

Here’s some tips and tricks to help you take home the crown.

Crown Celebration

Qualifying for the next round in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout isn’t too tough once you learn the basics and figure out how to win a race or stay alive, but that pressure goes way up when there can only be one winner.

When you get to the end of a show, you will reach what is known as a Final Round. Whoever comes out on top will take home the crown. But with great rewards comes great challenges.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to win the Final Round in Fall Guys. Overall, each Final Round game has its own structure and strategy, and you may find a different strategy that works for you, but these strategies are a great place to start.

How to win Fall Mountain

Fall Mountain
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The most basic Final Round game is Fall Mountain. You must dodge tumbling balls and turning hammers and make it up a steep slope ahead of the rest, but there are three major tricks to ensuring your victory.

  1. Timing your grab. Be sure to hit grab as soon as you touch the crown. If you don’t grab the crown fast enough, you will miss it and tumble down a backward conveyor belt.
  2. Spring ahead. There are turn blocks that if hit by a ball can knock you back, but they can also knock you forward. If you see that a ball is about to hit one of the spinning blocks, try to go in front of it on the opposite side. This can shoot you ahead of your competitors and give you a clear road to victory.
  3. Hammer time. When you approach the spinning hammers, try to dodge them entirely, but as a safety precaution, if you run through the hammer in the area they are rotating toward the top of the mountain, you will only fall over, instead of also being knocked back.

How to win Hex-A-Gone

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Hex-A-Gone is, in many ways, the hardest round game there is. Every hexagon you step on will disappear after a moment, and while there are multiple floors, you can also fall through multiple layers if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. That said, there are some tricks to ensuring a victory.

  1. Sink to your level. You might think the same course of action is to stay as high up as you can, but it’s better to drop yourself down to a low level early. This way, other players will not cross you until they are lower down, and you get the first choice at what a couple of lower layers are going to look like.
  2. Jump as you go. While trying to clear out more territory, you will just want to run around, but once there aren’t many tiles left and you are just trying to stay alive, slow it down. Carefully jump from one piece to the next, using your airtime each time to increase your overall time alive.
  3. Cut them off. The last trick is to run right in front of a player on the same level as you, especially on the final layer. If you do this fast enough, they’ll fall into the slime and be eliminated.

How to win Royal Fumble

Royal Fumble
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Royal Fumble is Tail Tag at the highest difficulty level. There is only one tail, and of course only one winner. Seems simple enough, but keeping that tail is easier said than done. Here are some ways to ensure your victory.

  1. Timing is key. In all honesty, the first half of the game doesn’t matter. The change of you spawning with a tail, or getting it early on and keep it with all the other players after you is slim to none. It really only makes a major difference if you seize the tail after the one-minute mark.
  2. Create a diversion. If everyone is on your tail, literally, try running somewhere that may put your out of the other players’ camera view, and then run a direction from there that one may not normally go. Other players may run the wrong way, and that gives you more time to escape.
  3. Slow and steady. If you are trying to get the tail, sometimes it’s not about the high-speed chase as much as it is waiting for the right moment to strike. Station yourself in an area you think the tail-holder may run by and grab them by surprise.

How to win Jump Showdown

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While Royal Fumble was Tail Tag on steroids, Jump Showdown is the beefed up equivalent to Jump Club. All of the poles that can knock you down are double-sided, and to top it off, the floor can collapse beneath you. Like with every Final Round, there will only be one winner.

  1. Precision makes a difference. While most games in Fall Guys are best played with a controller, Jump Club and Jump Showdown are so precise in where and when to jump that, if you can, you might want to stash the controller for a moment and take to your keyboard and mouse.
  2. Don’t get cornered. You always want to be where the most pieces of ground are. If you aren’t careful, you could find yourself stranded on the half of the map that is going to collapse first, making a victory near impossible.
  3. Shake it off. When the ground starts to shake, you will have more time than you think. If the best move to keep you in the contending is to run across it and get to the other side, don’t hesitate. Just go before it’s too late.