Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: Styles and Arts Guide


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (MHGU) and its previous game in the series, Monster Hunter Generations for the Nintendo 3DS, changed up the combat in Monster Hunter by introducing a brand new featured called Hunter Styles and Hunter Arts.

MHGU has introduced two new Styles, bringing the total amount to six. But what are Styles and Arts? How do they change the core gameplay?

In this handy guide, we have listed exactly what Arts and Styles are, as well as how you can unlock more. Next time you head into the hunt, you can have the best advantage possible to come out alive.

Hunter Styles

There are a total of six different Hunter Styles to choose from, all with their own advantages, disadvantages, and play-styles.

If you don’t like a Style after using it, or just want to change to a different one, you can change your Style at any time in the Prep Box in your bedroom, right next to the bed.

Guild Style: Allows two Hunter Art abilities to be used. It is a defensive style of fighting and is a good Style for adapting to any situation. Basically the classic Monster Hunter style of fighting.

Striker Style: Allows three Hunter Art abilities to be used. Simple to handle and allows Arts to be to be charged up quicker, so the style is perfect for anyone who wants to constantly rely on their Arts.

Aerial Style: Can only use one Hunter Art ability. Gives Hunters the chance to use a unique Aerial Dodge to jump onto monsters or to propel you safely into the air. Perfect for mounting monsters.

Adept Style: Can only use one Hunter Art ability.  This Style is all about waiting until the last moment to evade and counter attack/guard a foe. Gives you the option to use Insta-Moves which are difficult to pull off but satisfying to use.

Valor Style: Can only use one Hunter Art ability. The first of two new Styles  added to MHGU.  Gives you the chance of landing a series of attacks that build up a meter to enter Valor State. Filling this meter opens up new evasive maneuvers and powerful weapon combo.

Alchemy Style: Allows three Hunter Art abilities to be used. A new Style added to the game. Alchemy is a support Style that is used to create field items on the fly during combat which can heal or offer supportive buffs to your team.

Hunter Arts

Hunter Arts are special moves that you can perform when on a mission. They include powerful attacks, counter-attacks, ways to heal yourself, and evasion moves.

You can select a number of Hunter Arts at the Prep Area or in your home and can use them by filling the Art Gauge during a hunt by using basic attacks. You then have to activate them either with the touch screen or by pressing a directional button on the Joy-Con.

Hunters can also unlock different kinds of Hunter Arts by completing certain missions and quests. You can also collect new Arts by talking to the Master of Style in Bherna. These arts could be general abilities that anyone can use or will be specific for each different weapon type.

It’s up to you to mix your Arts to find the best combination of special moves to help you progress through the game.