Illmeren Drinks Last quest guide – Disciples: Liberation

Old rivalries are hard to deal with.

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Once you have battled your way through to Veranto’or, you will be stuck in the middle of the four warring factions. When you arrive in Veranto’or, head to the Demon Warcamp to the south of where you spawn to find Illmeren. This demon has requested your help to recover a package that has not yet been delivered to her. In return, she decides to join your group and become a new companion.

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To start things off, Illmeren asks you to head to the Endworld Inn. This location is not far from the Demon Warcamp. Head out of the encampment and make a left. Take a right when the road splits and another right shortly after. You will find your old mal Mathieu out in front of the inn.

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It turns out Illmeren’s package isn’t at the inn. After playing a round of questions with Illmeren, she sees someone dart north from the inn. Time to give chase. Just northwest of the inn, you will find a demon near the bridge. It’s The Collector from Huerik.

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It is now time to make a choice. Will you kill The Collector, or will you kill Illmeren? Fighting The Collector will result in a battle where you need to kill The Collector to win. Afterward, you will get to choose the fate of the demons that The Collector had caged up.

Fighting Illmered will result in her no longer being a companion. Your reputation with the Legion of the Damned will also decrease. Killing The Collector will increase your reputation.