In the Face of Darkness quest guide – Destiny 2

Stare it down.

Destiny 2

The In the Face of Darkness quest will be the first thing you need to do in Destiny 2 during the Season of Arrivals. When you first load into the game you will be automatically loaded into a mission where you need to rescue Eris Morn on Io. Fight through the level, help Eris, and then grab the Seed of Silver Wings. This is your Seasonal Artifact and will be the source of increased Power and special mods this season.

When you are loaded back into the Tower, you will need to visit the Drifter. Speaking with him will start the next step of the quest.

Full Contact

Full Contact

The Drifter will send you to Io, where you will need to take part in the new Contact public event. You just need to finish the public event, you do not need to do so successfully.

How it is time to go back to the Tower and speak with the Drifter again. He will tell you to use the Umbral Decoder located to his left. Interact with it, then put in an Umbral Engram, and it will decode into an item for you. Now, speak with the Drifter again, and you will move on to the next step.

Taken Their Energy

For this step, you will need to play a Strike, a Crucible match, or a Gambit match. Simple finish the match and you can once again return to the Drifter. Speak with him and he will give you the Drifter’s Secret Stockpile.

Refining the Recaster

Destiny 2

You will find the Prismatic Recaster on the left wall of the Drifter’s room. Interact with it and you will be brought into the menu screen for the device. You will see two buttons near the top. One deposited a small amount of Twisted Energy into the machine, while the other deposits a large amount. This will give you access to the Gifts of Light and Dark, and you can just pick the first one available, which is the Umbral Enhancement Upgrade. This lets you focus your Umbral Engrams towards specific loot pools.

Umbral Focusing is the first option in the Umbral Affinity section. Focus your Umbral Engram, then go to the Umbral Decoder to get your item. Speak with the Drifter once more, then go back to the Prismatic Recaster and interact with it.

This should start the weekly “Means to an End” quest, but this has been pretty bugged for some players.