Invitation to Windblume in Genshin Impact – full event guide

Festive fun.

Genshin Impact

The Invitation to Winblume event is launching soon in Genshin Impact, bringing some festive cheer to Mondstadt. The event will last for a little over two weeks, and will feature new quests, rewards, and other fun for players.

Start and end date

The event beings on March 19, and will run until April 5.

  • Act 1 – Ode to Flower and Cloud – March 19
  • Act 2 – Missive of Cloud and Fog – March 22
  • Act 3 – Realm of Fog and Wind – March 25
  • Act 4 – Dream of Wind and Flowers – March 28


Adventure Rank 20 or above, and complete the Archon Quest “Prologue: Act III – Song of the Dragon and Freedom”

Mini events

All the challenge mini event reward players with Festive Tour Tickets that can be spent in the event shop.

Bullseye Balloons

A markmanship event where you need to shoot balloons to reach a high score. Travelers will have to score consecutive hits on the correct balloons to accumulate points. Different balloons have different effects. Pick your targets carefully if you wish to get a high score. Hitting consecutive balloons within a short time will accumulate a Combo, which will increase the amount of points gained as you continue scoring consecutive hits. If you hit a Heartbreak Balloon, your Combo will be interrupted.

Floral Freefall

A gliding-based event where you will need to collect special items along an aerial route. Travelers will have to leap down from a high platform and collect the Flower Balls floating in the skies. Different Flower Balls will award different amounts of points. Other than this, the amount of challenge time remaining will be converted into points. Each second is worth 1 point, and you can gain up to 10 additional points.

Ballads of Breeze

A musical based event where you will need to play a rhythm game.

The Peculiar Wonderland

A new Domain type event that will give you three random challenges against powerful opponents. This will reward Primogems, upgrade materials, experience, and special event items called Peculiar Collab Coupons.