Iron Banner Season 9 Quests in Destiny 2

The Iron Banner has returned to Destiny 2, and with a new season comes a brand new quest Guardians need to complete. To start this quest, you need to first meet with Lord Saladin in the Tower. You’ll find him at the highest level, waiting in front of the large Iron Banner, overtop of Banshee-44.

Step 1: Light the Fires

The first step in the quest to unlock rewards for Season 9 features tasks you’ll need to complete while playing Iron Banner. You need to defeat 30 opponents, capture ten zones, and perform a super three times. These can all happen during different matches, so don’t worry if you only complete a handful per fight. Thankfully, these should complete extremely quickly given how rapid-fire an Iron Banner match can play.

Step 2: Iron Sights

The next bit leans harder into how well you can line-up your targets during an Iron Banner match. You need to complete six matches, capture 20 zones, and land 25 final blows with a scout rifle. You can use this season’s exotic, The Symmetry, to help you out.

Step 3: Iron Pump

Now, you need to get a bit closer to your opponents this time and take them out with a shotgun. You need to take out 100 opponents, acquire 30 zones, and then get 20 shotguns. Make sure you’re ready to handle your opponents in closer ranges.

Step 4: Death Metal

If you wanted to hit hard from the half-way point, now you can. You’ll need to take our Guardians using Supers 15 times, capture 40 zones, and then take out Guardians using Hand Cannons 15 times.

Step 5: Iron Rain

If you’ve had enough of the conventional weapons, it’s time to use the bigger ones — time to break out the rocket launchers for this quest step. You need to complete 15 Iron Banner matches, capture 50 zones, and then take down Guardians using rocket launchers ten times. You’ll need to capture the heavy armor in the match, so make sure you’re on the lookout for those.

The opponents and zones carry over from each mission, and as you play Iron Banner, so no need to worry about that. However, the weapon kills do not, so you’ll need to acquire those when each mission starts.