Is Alan Wake Remastered coming to Nintendo Switch?

I’ve always had a vivid imagination, but this dream unsettled me. It was wild and dark and weird, even by my standards.

Image via Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake is finally making a much-deserved and anticipated return in a remastered version of the cult classic Xbox 360 title for modern platforms. Getting to play the game on either PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X is incredibly exciting for anyone looking to return to the dark story, but some people will also really want a portable version. With that in mind, is Alan Wake Remastered coming to Nintendo Switch?

While there is no official announcement as of this writing, if a Brazil rating is to be believed, Alan Wake Remastered will be making its way to Nintendo Switch sometime in the future. There is no date given, but third-party games have increasingly been ported to Switch after releasing on other platforms to put more time into making sure they run properly on the hybrid console.

In all honesty, it’s not that surprising to see Alan Wake come to Switch, but we do wonder if it will run closer to the new or older version of the game.

Regardless of how it runs, the main selling point of any third-party Nintendo Switch title is the ability to play it away from a monitor or television. As long as the game runs properly, we can get behind a Switch port.

We will update this post when more information is available.