Can You Play CoD Mobile For Free Or Do You Need to Spend Money?


CoD Mobile is out right now. You can download it to your Android or Apple-based devices and start shooting it up with your friends from a mobile device. These types of games are usually fun for some who want to play while they’re on their break at work or when they’re killing time on their bed. There’s no need for you to carry around a hefty console or PC around with you to play the game. However, for those who want to play the game, is it free and do you have to spend money?

Is CoD Mobile Free to Play?

The answer is quite simple, and yes, it is. Players are not going to need to spend money to download the game and to jump into a multiplayer match. The game’s battle royale mode does not unlock immediately, but it does when the player achieves character level seven. When that happens, they can hop out of the standard multiplayer matches and then start going on against a whole lot more people all at once.

However, there are undoubtedly numerous ways you can spend money on the game. For instance, every player gets access to the CoD Mobile battle pass, but you can spend money to gain additional rewards to get the premium level battle pass. Additionally, you can spend real money to get the game’s premium currency called CoD Points. There are a variety of options available for you, all requiring you to pay real money to receive them.

You can find the premium currency in the game’s store, located at the bottom left portion of the main menu screen. Click on it, and go all the way to the far right to purchase CoD Points. You can also earn credits from playing the game and grab them from the game’s store. You can find those items right next to where you can purchase CoD Points, the second to the last option on the right in the store. These are going to take you quite a bit of time to earn from playing the game.

However, because some of the games do have better damage, accuracy, and handling, Activision has made it difficult for those who do not want to spend money to play the game. Those who do are likely going to have stronger, faster, and more stable guns available to them.