Is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout coming to Xbox Series X and Xbox One?

Are Microsoft the Fall Guys here?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Image via Steam

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was a huge success on PlayStation 4 and PC when it was released in August 2020, and remains a go-to game for many people on those platforms. The multiplayer battle royale platformer enjoyed such popularity that Xbox owners wondered if it would ever come to Microsoft’s lineup of consoles.

At the time, it didn’t. Fall Guys was a PS4 console exclusive, so Xbox fans were left on the outside looking in as Sony fans threw themselves headfirst into Mediatonic’s hilarious title. With the game having been out on PS4 and PC for over six months now, though, is it time that Fall Guys arrived on Xbox?

The simple answer is yes. Fall Guys will finally make its debut on Xbox this summer, with the official Xbox Twitter account confirming as much on February 17. The tweet contained a 10-second teaser, and showed one of the Fall Guys beans picking up and turning on an Xbox controller before the tagline “Coming summer 2021” appears.

Since Fall Guys’ release last year, the Xbox Series X and S systems have arrived. Fall Guys will definitely be coming to those consoles when it launches, but Xbox One owners may have feared that it wouldn’t be ported to Microsoft’s last-gen console too. Thankfully, the Xbox tweet confirms that Xbox One fans will also be able to enjoy Fall Guys.

Joe Walsh, Fall Guys’ Lead Game Designer, wrote a brief post about the announcement on the Xbox Wire blog, but did not divulge whether crossplay functionality between Xbox and other platforms would arrive straight away. It is highly likely that it will but, once we have official confirmation, we will update this page.