Is Fu Hua coming to Genshin Impact?

Is Fu Hua jumping ship?

Fans of Honaki Impact are in a tizzy as it seems that rumors about Fu Hua coming to Genshin Impact are sweeping through the community. The origin of the rumors are some leaked cutscenes from an upcoming event called Moonchase Festival that will be arriving in Genshn Impact soon.

Included in the leaked footage is the introduction of a new character called Yelan, a new character that has not been mentioned in Genshin Impact before now. Eagle-eyed fans have spotted an obvious similarity in looks between Yelan and Fu Hua.

Yelan also has weapons, which means she is potentially going to be a playable character at some point. At the moment, this appears to be a nod to Honkai Impact rather than an actual case of bringing Fu Hua to Genshin Impact, although it is hard to be sure.

As Fishcl has been added to Honkai Impact, there is little reason to think that developer miHoYo would feel the need to change Hu Hua’s name if they brought her to Genshin. Instead, it looks like the character may just have acted as some visual inspiration for Yelan. We expect that in a future announcement, miHoYo will clarify the issue, but for now it doesn’t quite seem that Fu Hua is going to be coming to Genshin Impact.